Lexapro Review

According to different authors, today from 4 to 18% of all people suffer from depression throughout their life. Serious impact of depressive disorders is felt both at the individual and societal level. About 4% of the population suffer from panic disorders.

In order to make it clear how to treat depression and anxiety disorders we have written this article. So, if you have various mental disorders or your friend or someone from your family, then you are at the right place. Here you will get to know a lot of interesting information concerning depression and other psycho conditions, as well as great treatment method with Lexapro pills.

Lexapro – is the first effective remedy that may help you to cope with disease.

Buy this medicine in order to treat such conditions:

  • Treatment of depressive episodes of varying severity.
  • Cure of panic disorder with or without agoraphobia.
  • Treating social anxiety disorder (social phobia).
  • Treating generalized anxiety disorder.

In the treatment of depressive episode and anxiety disorder drug has shown its clinical efficacy since the first week of application. Since the beginning of its clinical study in 1976, the medication has passed numerous clinical trials and was officially registered in over 70 countries worldwide.

Lexapro pills have an excellent pharmacokinetic profile, low toxicity and low potential for interactions with other drugs. These properties make Lexapro appointment rather safe and easy, and due to its high efficiency and rare adverse effects, it is expected a high percentage of patients’ consent to treatment.

Great tolerability of Lexapro makes this drug popular day by day. Thousands of people who have mental problems use to buy it online and get rid of their annoying condition.

You should read some reviews of Lexapro prior to buying this drug in the form of tablets containing citalopram hydrobromide in dosage of 20 and 40mg.

Natural beauty products Review

I have discovered an amazing line of organic/natural beauty products. The shampoos and conditioners are amazing, this is one if the only brands where I actually get to the bottom of the bottle without throwing it out and replacing it with another. I love all natural beauty products, I find they work better than their counterparts because they don’t have anything in them that isn’t good for you . I highly recommend their products , and as a bonus they are very reasonably priced.

First and Foremost , beauty is all about being Healthy, Happy and Confident. When you look good you feel good, yes. But you must feel good to be beautiful ! There is nothing more beautiful than the light flowing energy of a confident woman who has a balanced life and surrounds herself with positivity , love and beauty . Birds of a feather stick together,,, may be true for people..but it is also true for energies, a beautiful aura is a beautiful YOU!

This picture is the epitome of JLo’s signature Glow! The makeup and the hair are absolutely luminous…Good products are important to create the right “light” for your face.


Although this brand DOES look extremely intimidating at first there are plenty of wearable colors that can create a non-offensive look. It is true that some of the brights are best left for Pros and young girls, however there are plenty other eye shades that can create a very sophisticated look. One of the brand’s cult favorites is their line of High Definition or foundations and powders. They blend very well with the skin and create an airbrushed look often found in many magazines.

Low Estrogen Birth Control

Are you familiar with low estrogen birth control? Do you want to know more about it? This article will give you some insights about low estrogen birth control pills.

The process of having contraception tablets was traditional across the world for a lot of generations these days. Through the years, medical doctors have realized brand-new methods to support scale back on a number of the human hormones they’ve already ended up investing in several mouth birth control methods.

Adult females currently have become interested in taking minimal dose birth control drugs because of just how excessive a few of the hormones measure is at a number of contraception. You cannot find any right or wrong supplement for ladies to take beyond the style the health care provider prescribes anyone, such as low estrogen birth control pills.

Along with standard contraception there are actually drugs for woman can take to help you block their monthly period never-ending cycle. For the reason that this allows for that a woman undertake a time period, as well as through this placebo oral treatment, her shape will not throw off by means of lacking growth hormone in the packages system.

For many gals nowadays, they’ve got come to be pretty tired and health of their usual contraceptive as a result of adverse reactions oftentimes enduring. A few of the negative effects will be bloating/water rigidity, swift changes in moods, feeling sick, very hot whizzes, along with headaches. Which includes birth control capsules, usual dosage to the pills is around 35 micrograms to 50mcg, thirty five remaining the best. The actual product can be a two times hormonal agent product that is certainly put together with together estrogen in addition to progestin. At this moment medical doctors usually are finding small serving estrogen pills that will permit meant for ladies to own protection they will want without each of the hormones.

There are many name brands now on the market which are presenting low estrogen birth control pills, as well as within supplement style. There are many contraceptives seeing that girls can now put in the penile community known as low estrogen birth control pills. One other variety of currently minimal dose excess estrogen pills are skin color pads. These types of areas work similar to any which can be spot.

Frequently, that spot will be with a time period relieved designed to generate, thru your skin, the actual required dose during the day. Adult females who’re likewise hoping not need its period very often away from the year, that’s standard female medical practitioners, is going to take low-estrogen capsules. As there are numerous benefits for you to going for a low estrogen birth control tablets, the girl must also can remember the draw shells, this your girlfriend probability of having a baby will be increased.

Counting number of calories to reduce weight

Did you anytime get the question of how to lose weight? About, how many calories you need every day in the diet? Normally, losing fat is about burning calories that you consume every day. If you know about it then you are very near to cut them in a right way. Now days, some people are trying to follow crash diet to lose fat for example stop eating so much. They need a miracle cure to get in shape and best in figure. With this method, they may not burn fat but can fall ill due to less intake of food. Follow. It is a well-known fact that the foods we consume play a more important role in gaining weight. In order to reduce weight you have to take required calories. It is most important as it balances them in your body by keeping up your energy levels and making your body healthy and fit.
Follow a calorie controlled diet

Calorie controlled diet is the best way to lose fat. Before following it, it is more important to consider a weight loss program.

calories to burn fats

You need to concentrate on how much exercise you need every day. This is more important as sudden exercises for a long time may harm your body. Plan your exercises depending upon your calories. They will determine your daily exercises and the amount of workout you need daily. If you have any doubt in it then you can consult your physician or dietitian to get the plan of calorie controls.

Determine your calorie numbers

It is more important to determine your calorie numbers as it varies from person to person. If you count it then it is very easy to get you slim. You can do it with BMR method. It is known as Basal Metabolic Rate which gives you required amount of calories to maintain weight without any heavy exercises and activities. By following it you can maintain calories to become slimmer. By using this activity multiplier you can know the exact amount of calories you need to reduce to maintain your body healthy. Vegetables and fruits have fewer calorie counts when compared to meat products. So, you can include vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and sprouts in the diet to maintain the calorie rate.
Things to remember when reducing calories

* The only way to shed weight is by controlling them and shedding extra pounds through exercises. It is very easy to count calories for weight loss.
* You can use body mass index to know your extra weight. Depending on it you can reduce the amount daily.
* Note down calorie counting while eating food. Enter with dates.
* Know about the amount of calories present in foods you are consuming.
* List down the activities that you have done to burn fats.
* After noting all three weeks’ intake, you will automatically see the results of what you have included in diet and what you have avoided.
* This makes to reduce fats for your weight loss without any pain and stress.
You are now on a right track of following an interesting diet that fulfills your hunger and keeps you fit and healthy.

Black Purple Eye

Ok so I watched another episode of Drag Race and Raja ,girl, is on fire! I think she may win that who thang….so I did another dark eye look.

I used NYX Morocco and Deep Space and I had a tonne of fallout, had a hard mother f%@king time blending it and the end result, closeup, was blotchy. Yes I love the color selection NYX offers but with the darker colors the quality has to be there, otherwise it will not work . The light colors are more forgiving .
On my lips I have NYX lip lacquer in London Fog which is lovely, and NYX blush in Angel on my cheeks.

Health Tips


To grow and maintain naturally beautiful hair and nails you must have the right nutrients.Silica is a great mineral that comes in liquid form, which I prefer due to faster/better absorption, and is great for the health of your skin, nails and hair, among other things. I call this my “vanity ” mineral , also do take a multi vitamin supplement daily to make sure your body is getting the basics it needs, even if you’re being bad and eating pizza, which is delicious, don’t stop.

This is not the brand I use but I am sure it is good.

YOGA toes:

I hate to be into anything that is a trend , however I do enjoy Kundalini yoga now and then. BUT these wonderful little spacers for you toes have nothing to do with exercise. After a long day , or hell even a lazy Sunday ,I slip my toes into these and my feet instantly feel better. Something about aligning your foot bones and relieving pressure caused by things like high hells and toes being cramped into a V shaped narrow wedge, makes your feet feel relaxed . They also help prevent things like bunions and hammer toes.

My way of getting 4-6 hours of exercise a week…

You have heard this a million times before but yet it is still not stressed enough.Health =Beauty. One of the easiset ways to look luminous , gorgeous, hot and sexy is to drink plenty and plenty of water! It benefits everything from your hair to your skin to your nails, and not to mentions flushes out nasty toxins that make us look like we came back from the dead with eye circles as dark as the night sky. We are made up of 70-80% water so why is it so hard for us to routinely drink plenty of water?

Drink up ladies! And in a few weeks you will notice a difference.You’ll be looking . feeling better. Drink a glass as soon as you wake up, having slept for several hours your body is in extreme need of hydration! And NO coffee does not count! Drink another 1-2 cups before 12 noon and your body and skin will thank you ! Continue drinking throughout the day , only untill you start drinking the 8-10 cups a day will you realize how little you drank before.

P.S. water is also good for the brain which is 80% H2O, if you are feeling depressed or anxious for no reason , have a glass or two.

Tip: If water is not to your liking add some lemon or lime for added fvaour and health benefit such as a dose of vitamin C and P.S. it also helps freshen your breath and helps to boost your metabolism and digestion if ingested in the morning.

Stealing Cinderella

Stealing Cinderella

by Chuck Wicks

“Stealing Cinderella” is the debut single of American country music artist Chuck Wicks. Released in September of 2007, the single was co-written by Wicks along with songwriters George Teren and Rivers Rutherford. The single produced the biggest debut for any new country artist in all of 2007, with fifty-two Billboard-monitored stations in the United States adding the song in its first official week of airplay. Overall, the song peaked at #5 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs charts.

On August 25, 2007, Wicks performed the song at his Grand Ole Opry debut. In October 2007, Wicks was invited by University of Tennessee football coach Phillip Fulmer to perform the song at the wedding of Fulmer’s daughter Courtney.

In my opinion, this is one of the best father daughter songs I’ve heard in a while. It is sung from the standpoint of a young man who has come to visit the father of his girlfriend in order to ask him for permission to marry his daughter. After visiting with the father, he soon realizes that the girl is still, and always will be, the father’s “Cinderella.” Even though he may have permission to marry her, he comes to understand that he is “just some fella, riding in, …”

Cleaning This Gun

“Cleaning This Gun (Come On In Boy)” was written by Casey Beathard and Marla-Cannon Goodman, and recorded by country music artist Rodney Atkins for his 2006 album If You’re Going Through Hell. This was the album’s fourth single and is also Atkins’ fourth consecutive Number One hit on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, tying a record held by Tim McGraw for most Number Ones from a country album.

This song is perfect for the dads who have daughters bringing home their boyfriends for the first time. It starts out with the narrator recalling a speech that the father of his girlfriend gave him the first time that they met. Stating (sarcastically) that his daughter is “her daddy’s girl, her momma’s world. She deserves respect. That’s what she’ll get, ain’t it son?” Going on to say that the two of them should run along and have some fun and he would see them when they get back… Well, you get the idea. If not, check out the lyrics and give it a listen via the YouTube video. I don’t think he ever filmed a music video for this song.

I couldn’t agree more! I have to have this speech well rehearsed for that “special” day when one of my daughter’s brings home her boyfriend for the first time. I think I may even have support and assistance from a few of my other friends, a couple of which also live in the Estrogen Ocean. That will be a fun day!

Do You Ever Wish You Had Boys Too?

The question “Do you wish you had boys?” is not as much a story as it is a survey to all you fathers out there living in The Estrogen Ocean. I don’t mean to imply that anyone wishes they had boys instead of girls, but perhaps to go along with your girls.

This question came to me the other day as I was sitting in an audience watching one of my daughters perform on stage. I remember thinking about all the father and son activities that I would never be able to do, because I don’t have a son. There would be no little league games to watch my son play in. No cub scouts pinewood derby races. I guess generally, there would simply be no “guy time” in our house. Of course, if I only had boys and no girls, I could say the same thing of all the girl activities I would not be able to do.

Well, if you wish there were some boys to go along with the girls in your life, I am sure you are not alone. It is a feeling that many fathers have when we are surrounded by all the girls in our lives.

Please do not misinterpret these thoughts, however. To want something that we may never have is a perfectly natural feeling, I believe, and it in no way means we think anything less of our daughters. But I am curious to know what other fathers out there are thinking along these lines.

Do you ever think you are missing out on a relationship that you may never have? Do you dream of playing a game of Catch in the back yard with your son? Is your family name at risk with no boys to carry it on to another generation? Do your daughters ever wonder what it would be like to have brothers? Bottom line: Do you wish you had boys?